6.0.1: Tab Setting Lost Editing JavaScript?

I recently installed IDEA 6.0, and when available, 6.0.1. When I installed 6.0, it asked about using the settings from my IDEA 5.1.2 installation, which I allowed it to do. After the upgrades, when I edit a JavaScript file (.js extension) with IDEA 6, it doesn't honor the tab settings I have for "other" (i.e., non Java) files.

When editing Java, I don't use tab characters (space fill) and have a tab size of 4 and an indent of 3. When editing "other" files, I use tab characters and have a tab size of 4 and an indent of 4. After upgrading to IDEA 6, IDEA seems to be using my Java settings when editing JavaScript. Furthermore, I can find no way to change my JavaScript settings. I've since had to go back to IDEA 5 because of this.

FYI: I'm running on Novell Linux Desktop (SuSE Linux) with a 1.5.0_09 JDK.

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