IntelliJ 5.1 - Ctrl Alt Left-Arrow/Right Arrow Problems


I'm running intelliJ 5.1-4267 on Redhat Enterprise 4. My computer specs are: Pentium D Dual Core 2.66GHz, 3 GB RAM.

Im having some annoying problems with ctrl-alt left/Right arrow. At certain times, IntelliJ pauses for 1 or 2 seconds whenever I try to goto back/forward. I tried a variety of tweaks to try to help with this (I uping memory in the idea.vmoptions, -Xms384m,-Xmx384m, turned off Synch on file activation, turned off animating windows). Nothing seems to help and its becoming quite annoying.

Has anyone else experianced this problem? Any other suggestions that could help? Thanks.

- Mike

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Another problem to add to this - loading any editor window seems to take a long time. Doesn't necessarily have to be a Ctrl Alt left/Right. It could be searching for classes, or just loading editors from searches...Whenever I switch to any editor window within intelliJ , there seems to be a pause of a second or two. Really annoying...Any help would be appreciated.

- M

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Fonts seem to be the culprit here. I turned up my font size within IntelliJ to 14. I turned everything back to defaults and all the editors seem to be loading fine now.

Would be nice if I could increase font sizes or change the font without things slowing down so much, but I guess Ill just squint. ;)

- m

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Not only was Font the culprit, but I think the look and feel you choose for IntelliJ slows things down as well...Another tip I found on the forum is to switch to the "IntelliJ 4.5 Default" Look and feel. This seems to help a bit as well with the processor spikes.

Ill give 6.0 a try this week and see if there are any improvements.


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