Git stopped working?


I use git within PhpStorm to update, commit and push my changes to projects for a couple of months now without any trouble. It worked like a charm!
Since a week now I can't perform an update or push action anymore. The processes just keep loading as Background Tasks forever, without an error.
The console just shows:
'git -c core.quotepath=false fetch origin --progress --prune'

I did not change anything to my git configuration.
I use the Native SSH executable because this doesn't ask me for a password, because my SSH key doesn't have one.

I've read somewhere that the native implementation might cause hangups and thaht I should use the Built-in executable.
If this is suddenly the cause of the problem, can someone please tell me how I can prevent the password pop-up?

Or if I do need to use a password; the password prompt shows user '', which is not my username, the  checkout repo is ''. Do I need to define my own username somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

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To answer my own question: Before, I used PuTTYGen to generate a private SSH key.
Apparently I had to export an OpenSSH key via the Conversions menu. With this my git actions work perfectly again!

Only weird thing is that the private SSH key did also work before.


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