CPU usage 100%

I use ver 138.2071.
While writing code (php or js) I get 100% cpu usage peaks (normally I have 30-50%).
Even music has lags and it's very annoying.
In previuos versions I didn't have such problems.
What Can I do to lower cpu usage? Is it a bug or something?


Hi there,

First: please check suggestions in http://devnet.jetbrains.com/docs/DOC-1253 and try to disable all non-bundled (3rd party) plugins.

If no improvements .. then I may only suggest to file a ticket to the Issue Tracker and attach there (together with problem description and your system setup):

138.2071 -- it's an EAP build. v8.0 final has been released already -- please upgrade and try it before reporting.


I am also getting very high CPU usage in Webstorm 9.0.3 and OSX 10.10.2

When I first launch a project the CPU usage goes up to the high 300 percent:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.06.28 AM.png

I ran a CPU trace and uploaded it to the FTP servers and also attached it here.

Edit: It looks like the high CPU usage happens because of the initial indexing. However just opening up files in the project pushes the CPU usage to the high 70s which seems kind of high.


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