Getting a license key

I recently ordered an upgrade from IDEA 4.5. I have not yet received my license key. Is there some reason this would be delayed? I figure license keys are pretty easy to create. I have waited more than the 48 hours since I ordered the product. Is there some discout you give for orders that are not delivered by the time you say they will be?



There is a possibility that an e-mail with the license key was blocked by your spam filter or was not delivered due to some other problem. Please contact sales for the status: .


I followed up with the contact form you gave me.

I also emailed yesterday, but have not yet received a response. (That was the email address that was listed in my order confirmation email from last week.)

Thank you.


I suspect there is something wrong with your e-mail address or spam filters. Please try to contact sales from the different account or by phone.

You can drop me a test mail to so that I can reply you and see if the messages can pass.


I just emailed you from my gmail account.


I've already replied. There should be no problems with the GMail accounts. Make sure you are using the same when contacting sales.

I've checked our system and found that your stored e-mail is So, upgrade licenses were sent to this mail (which seems to be incorrect).

Your upgrade license has been just resent to your correct e-mail address.


Thank you. I received your email and the key works.


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