Using PHP Mess Detector on OS X

I've been following the guide to using PHP Mess Detector with PHPStorm here:

The problem I'm having is that it says to link directly to the batch file or bash script on your system but it doesn't go into a lot of detail in how you're supposed to figure out where that is located. I can find PMD.php in /usr/local/pear but no bash scripts.

So I created my own bash script that runs "php /usr/local/pear/share/pear/PHP/PMD.php" and linked it in the PMD section of Preferences in PHPStorm. If I click Validate it shows a red exclamation mark but doesn't show an error message. I then setup the Inspections section to scan with PMD but after running a scan it doesn't show any PMD-related errors. And if I run the script from the command-line it exits immediately with no errors.

Does anyone have any tips for setting this up on OS X or perhaps paste the contents of their batch script?

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Where did you install the PHPMD?
Maybe this would help to regonfigure and select the correct path?


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