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First, I need to tell that I've generated IDE helper file and enabled Laravel plugin, however when using Schema builder PhpStorm doesn't help and doesn't know what to do in this case when method returns \Illuminate\Support\Fluent.
Is there any way to solve it?

Second thing is when pres CTRL+B on **create** in **Schema::create** PhpStorm goes to _ide_helper file and not into **


Is there any way to make it to go directly into this method and not into _ide_helper file?

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These are Laravel migrations files.  You can edit the files from Storm.  To use them you must execute php artisan migrate from the command line.  Trying to run this inside Storm bypasses the Laravel Artisan command framework.  Of course nothing is stopping you from adding all the supporting code needed to run your migration class inside Storm, if that is your goal.  Of course start by looking at artisan in your root Laravel project directory.

php artisan help migrate  <---  from the command line to get command line help.

Schema:create is part of the Laravel container facade and provide static looking access mechanisims.  for more info see


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I know very well what these files are. The only problem I have that PhpStorm doesn't recognize `primary` and `index` because \Illuminate\Support\Fluent is used here.


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