left editor after Move Right action

When we opened several editor, we used to split or move right action to devide screen.
In my experience for a lot of another editors, the left editor on left side after we moved right one would be the last one we edited,
but it's the right side one we moved in WebStorm.
I think we usuallly split the screen to compare the screen with the last one we edited.
I'm not sure I explaned exactly with my English so I'm gonna give some example.

For example, there would be editors like this.

5 1 3 2 4    |     no screen on right

The number means that order we edited (supposed we jumped a lot of files to edit by file name) . So underscored '5' is current screen we editing.
If we move right '5', I expected to leave left screen '4' like this.
1 3 2 4     |     5

But for now, WebStorm left page number '1' like this.
1 3 2 4     |     5

Does it make sense??
I want to know other guys opinion~


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please try setting 'When closing active editor' option (Settings/Editor/General/Editor Tabs) to 'Activate most recently opened tab' - does it make any difference?

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That's what I wanted to exactly!

Thanks Elena Pogorelova


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