Deployment using FTPS fails very often

I'm currently trying to deploy my project to my webserver using FTPS and unfortunately it just works partially. I'm using PHPStorm on (K)Ubuntu 14.10.

About 50% of the FTPS connections aren't working (it seems very randomly distributed to me). In the other 50% it works very well.

Because the notifications in PHPStorm are not really helpful (something like "didn't work" does not help at all to find the problem) I looked into the server logs to see what happens there:

There are two different situations:
SSL/TLS required but absent for authentication, denying USER command

or 2.)
unable to accept TLS connection: received EOF that violates protocol
unable to open data connection: TLS negotiation failed

Usually it's just the first one (I think the second one just happens in specific cases, so lets concentrate on the first one).

For me it looks like, that PHPStorm sometimes isn't using SSL/TLS to connect to the server and sometimes it does, but that would be strange behavior and I guess there is another problem.
Also it doesn't happen with some special files. It seems just random behavior and usually if it doesn't work with one file after one or two tries it works again. But yeah, it's very very annoying.

Any educated guess would be really helpful!

BTW: PHPStorm does not have "real logs" somewhere (or something containing more than "works" and "doesn't work")?

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Hi there,

Have a look what detailed log will tell you.

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Okay, thank you! I added the significant part of the log file, the part where the error occures. There is a lot of stuff before and after this part, but nothing interesting, because it works fine there.
I replaced domain, username and filename with a placeholder. I hope that is not a problem. :-)

Its the only place in the log file where this "ains.plugins.webDeployment.ftp" is used. In all the other cases it is "ins.plugins.webDeployment.ftps" and it works.
So it really tries to use "normal" FTP there?

Is it a bug or can I somehow change my settings to get this working?

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Its the only place in the log file where this "ains.plugins.webDeployment.ftp" is used. In all the other cases it is "ins.plugins.webDeployment.ftps" and it works.
So it really tries to use "normal" FTP there?

Well .. FTPS is FTP over SSL. Simply speaking it means that secure connection has to be established before doing actual FTP commands. So I personally do not see issues that ftp is used in certain places.

Since I'm not using FTPS deployment I cannot help you further here -- my only advice is to submit new ticket to the Issue Tracker and provide following info (you can make attachments visible to devs only)

  • Your deployment configuration including additional settings (you can obscure private info like host name etc)
  • Full idea.log (replace/obscure login/private details but leave the rest intact) -- just one fragment of the log (like you did already) may not be enough
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The problem is: The server doesn't accept connections without SSL (and I don't want to change that, actually). Thats why they are rejected.

But thank you, anyway. I will write something on the issue tracker.


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