Is Someone Willing To Fork the Markdown Plug-in?

I use Markdown for site content a great deal and would like for PhpStorm to be as good for writing in Markdown as it is for PHP, HTML and CSS. But the third-party plug-in providing Markdown support is missing a lot of features and doesn't handle the more modern Markdown language variations.

I have no experience at the PhpStorm API nor Java development, so there's not so much I can do.

Is someone with that experience willing to fork the plug-in and bring it up to date? JetBrains doesn't seem like they will - I've asked them several times and they just point to the existing one as if that's good enough. It's not.


JetBrains does have plans to take the ownershipof it. But we don't have ETA for this. Please follow for updates


Excellent news! I'll be looking forward to it because all the first-party plugs are very well executed.

Thank you, JetBrains.


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