A concept question concerning a web project and web module.

Reading the IntelliJ IDEA Help - I need to grasp the concept of a web project and a web module in comparision to an Eclipse web project.

An IntelliJ web project is just a container for individual web modules?

Is a IntelliJ web module similar to an Eclipse web project? From what I can see under the Java EE: Deploy-time: Web Modules - the web module is where the META-INF, WEB-INF and the rest of your files are located at.

I'd appreciate insight to this.

I have looked at the Eclipse Import plugin - but it kinda makes a mess out of the IntelliJ web project - or maybe I'm not using it correctly... yet.



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We don't have a 'web project' concept. We have IDEA project, which might
consist of different modules of different kinds.

Right now Web Module is basically a WAR file in development. And I
believe it corresponds to a web project in Eclipse.

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Mike: Thank you, the more I read the more I understand the concept. Yes, the web module does correspond to a web project in Eclipse from what I now understand.



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