Remote phpunit with multiple configurations (or at least bootstrap)

I'm running my phpunit tests remote (in an lxc containter, but that's sort-of besides the point) and it is working great for a single set of tests. But I have 2 'sets' that both need their own bootstrap.

I have a remote interpreter and a PHPUnit setting for that interpreter. I can add a default configuration file (.xml) with the bootstrap included there, or I can add a default bootstrap there. This is great, but for the seconf configuration I need different settings and I can't seem to get that working

Things I have tried

* add a new configuration with an 'alternatative configuration file'.
This does not work as I can choose a local file, but remote the file is in another place: I want to select a remote file, but I can't as the file does not exist locally
* add a new phpunit setting for the interpreter with a different default bootstrap or config file
If the interpreter allready has a setting, I can't make a second one
* add a duplicate interpreter so I can add a new phpunit with correct settings
This sorta works, but as you do not choose the interpreter in your debug-config, you cannot choose using this stack of interpreter-phpunit-settings.

So I'm kinda out of ideas. How can I point phpunit to a different (remote) configuration file (or bootstrap) ?

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