How Can I import existing hand made ANGULAR Project


I created and share an app with some other developers, I would like to try your WebStorm IDE for comparing it with other dev software used from my co developers.

We are interesting in buy some license for our buisness.

So how I can import a handmade angular.js app in your WebStorm 9.0.3 IDE and benefice your beautiful features, without alterating my folder structure or give problems to other developers!

My folder structure is at the bottom.

I found nothing about importing an angular app in WebStorm IDE which was not before created by WebStorm and so it isn't an Webstorm Project!

can you help me?


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Unfortunately the attachment is lost:(
Normally all you need to import a project is opening the project root folder in WebStorm via File/Open

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I changed my post with the  screenshot of my folder structure!

On open project (an non Webstorm Angular Project) Webstorm will not open the  project as  angular project! So I can not  benefice of the angular functions which are provided by Webstorm!

thx Michael

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I get 403 error on attempt to follow the link.
'Angular' project doesn't differ much from a usual WebStorm project. The only thing you need to get Angular support is adding uncompressed angular.js file to your project. See, 'Include angular.js in Your Project' section

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this basic tutorial from official documentation explain all things todo:


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