Saving and running terminal commands on shortcut / file save

Hi there,

Completely new to the jetbrains programs, used a variety of editors and ide's along the way and looking for a step up in qulaity from the likes of netbeans and eclipse.

A few projects i work on require using rsync to sync a local fileset to a remote server. With netbeans this can be acheived with an .ant file, in komodo they have a cool macro toolkit which allow you access to cmd/cli via javascript syntax.

I noticed that both phpstorm and webstorm have access to the terminal which is great, means we can run what ever we like. My question is,  can terminal commands be saved and triggered on file save/ keyboard shortcut in php/webstorm?

Appologies if this is a duplicate Q.


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Note that you can use external tools here (Settings | tools | External tools) - create a tool for each of your commands and assign shortcuts to them

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File > Settings > tools > External tools

Brilliant thank you.


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