J2ME Jars

Hello. I'm developing my first J2ME app using Idea and I have a problem.
I have the resource folder /res with three folders: /img, /lvl and /snd
The problem is that when Idea is creating the jar, it only copies the /res/img folder. It doesn't copy the whole /res. How could I convince Idea to copy them all?


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Go to File->Settings->Template Project Settings->Compiler and ensure that whatever resources are in your /lvl and /snd directories are listed in the resource patterns located at the top of the window.

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Heh, it was that simple... Thank you very much. Until starting to use IDEA for my mobile projects, I was using comand-line tools with . filters :). Now I realize that IDEA was copying only the images because they were the only to match the resource filters.
Thank you very much.


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