Subversion and Renaming Directories

IntelliJ doesn't appear to correctly support Subversion's ability to rename a directory.

If I have a directory (i.e. package) named "fooStuff" and want to change it so it follows the convention of lower case package names to "foostuff" and I used the Rename Refactor on the directory and then commited it, IntelliJ seems to get confused. If I do an update the directory name turns red in IntelliJ, although doing a status check on the directory through IntelliJ says it is up to date.

Just to troubleshoot I checked out the project in a new directory and it checked out "fooStuff". However, doing a "svn log" on both "fooStuff" and "foostuff" shows they are both in the repository.

To do what I wanted I had to execute "svn move" from the command line and then re-checkout the project and then it successfully checked out "foostuff".

Directory renaming seems to work fine if you change it to a totally different name, but not if you just change casing. My desktop is a windows box so I wonder if this has something to do with it...I didn't try checking out to a Unix box to see if it as an OS case sensitivity issue.

Is this a IntelliJ bug?

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It's a windows problem - windows can't tell the difference between case-sensitive different filenames.

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The same happens with CVS.
But it would be nice if IDEA warned you when you try to do such refactoring that only consists of changing letters case.
Maybe you could file a change request?


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