I need a JDK 5.x?

On the one hand, I've been running IntelliJ 5.1 without a JDK5 installed for 3 months. Should that even work? I get the impression IntelliJ "needs" a JDK5, no?

On the other hand, I have this occasional weirdness where the debugger (most recently debugging an app deployed on WebSphere), where I get the "Collecting data..." message for many of my variables, and it never, ever, ever goes away.

Does this all make "sense"? Should it be able to run without a JDK5, and if I install a JDK5 (which I'm about to do right now), will my debugger problems magically disappear?


That didn't fix anything. I'll re-post my question from a totally different angle.


IntelliJ comes with a 5.0 JRE it uses for itself.

You can then install any version of a JDK to to use for your projects which you can select in your project settings (but this doesn't affect the JRE used to run IntelliJ itself).


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