coffeescript debugging configuration

Hi there
I am unable to make breakpoints work in a coffeescript file after following the instructions at
I am able to debug the js-compiled file normally.

I followed the guides in coffeescript support to setup the coffee environment.

So, is this a bug or I have to do further/different steps to make the breakpoints in the coffee file works?


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You haven't provided any useful information, so it's hard to say if this is a bug or configuration issue. How do you compile your coffeescript files? Do you use a file watcher for this? if yes, what does your file watcher configuration look like? Do you run your code on built-in web server, or on some different one? In the latter case, what does your javascript debug configuration look like? Etc., etc. Screencasts, screenshots, sample project would be helpful

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I was doing some research by trying things you told and some others, and I've observed coffeescript debugging works ok if you set at least one breakpoint in the generated js file. Breakpoints in this file persist between compilations, which is not bad. The debugging session is local, not remote, and no frameworks (express, meteor, ...) involved. I don't know if this the way to proceed...



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You didn't answer any of my questions. What is 'local' debugging? What server do you use?
Please provide your project - let's see what's wrong


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