Create Project from Existing files copying files marked as Excluded

When I create a project from existing files, as part of the project settings I choose to mark some folders as 'Excluded'

I was under the impression that these files would not be copied from the remote location to the local project directory.
I like to keep Source files within the same directory as the website - make it easy to find.
However when copying the file to the local project directory, i do not need these files cloning.
Especially as some are very large Photoshop and Illustrator files.

Can someone please confirm that what i am doing is correct and that my thinking is right that 'excluded' files should not be copied.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately not -- users have asked for exactly such behaviour -- to have folders marked as excluded still participating in deployment (upload/download).

If you want to exclude folder from deployment (either upload or download) you need to mark such path as Excluded in actual Deployment settings (3rd tab of deployment entry in actual Settings).

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So do I have to mark EVERY directory I want to exclude ??
Yikes? - that's a lot of marking.

So where can I add my vote to this feature request ?

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So do I have to mark EVERY directory I want to exclude ??


How do you want then IDE to know what files/folders to ignore?

This is what official help says (the New Project Wizard):

6. On the Choose Remote Path page, configure the structure of the project to be created.
The page shows a tree view of folders under the server configuration root.

  1. Specify which remote folder will become the project root.Select the relevant folder and click the icon_php_storm.png icon on the toolbar or choose Project Root on the context menu of the selection. PhpStorm marks the selected folder with the icon_php_storm icon.
  2. Under the project root, specify the folders that you do not need downloaded for some reason. These can be sources that you should not update at all, media, caches, temporary files, that you actually do not need in your work.

    Select the relevant folder and click icon_exclude_from_download.png or choose Exclude Path on the context menu of the selection.

    Exclusion is applied recursively. This means that if the selected folder contains subfolders they are automatically marked as excluded as well.

Just excluding (as per your screenshot) is a different thing:

3. .....
To have PhpStorm ignore the selected directory during indexing, parsing, code completion, etc., click the Excluded from Indexing toolbar button rootExcluded.gif or choose Excluded on the context menu of the selection.

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