webstorm warnings

i'm running webstorm 9,0.1 on yosemite
when running code->inspect code, is it running jslint?
when looking at the source code, the yellow and red lines on the side, how are those determined?
i'm getting some warnings such as 
unused property on events i know are called for example
app.use(multer({ dest: './uploads/', inMemory: true,
    onFileUploadStart: function (file) {
        console.log(file.originalname + ' is starting ...')
or as unresolved function, even through this exported func is being used
exports.findOneEmail = function(email, cb) {

or unresolved function or method ( I have in my node_modules the aws-sdk, which is included in settings->languages and frameworks->javascript->libraries )

var s3 = new AWS.S3(params);


which are false positives. it makes using the ide a bit harder to use, how do i get rid of those warnings?

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when running code->inspect code, is it running jslint?

If JSLint is enabled in Settings->languages and frameworks->javascript->Code quality tools, it is run along with other inspections.

as for 'false positives', please provide self-containing code snippets (or sample projects) that show up the issues.

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so if i have nothing selected in

I attached  multer.zip which is pretty close to the boiler plate node+express project, with the exception of the multer method calls.

line 21 : i don't understand the warning, especially when it is the code webstorm generated
line 22 : i don't know why urlencoded is unresolved. i have node_modules in languages and frameworks -> javascript -> libraries so it should be found right?
line 34, 37 : not sure why those methods are unused, since they should be used in node_modules

i know this is tougher, but MONGOLAB_MAIN_URI not being resolved because it is set at runtime makes me there has to be a better way of flagging this then just saying it is unresolved.


i'd like to be able to develop where i have no warnings before i push to production, but that is proving difficult. do you have suggestions? do you know if web developers generally ignore warnings?


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