Multiple EJB configuration file sets

Dear community,

I have posted a feature request for which I would like your comments and

There should be means to work with multiple sets of ejb-jar.xml,
weblogic-ejb-jar.xml (etc., cf. #7981) deployment descriptor files with
support for switching between them for viewing purposes and generating /
applying changes to either all of them or any one.

The reason is, that for different environment (development, maybe
several staging environments, production) there are different
requirements into the descriptors due to the fact that, e.g.,

  • one wishes to deploy beans for testing purposes only,

  • different hardware environments require different pool sizes etc.

Guess this is a major issue especially when it comes to error checking
and reasoning about how different deployments are allowed to be.

Karsten Tinnefeld
adesso AG
Stockholmer Allee 24 T +49 231 9309211
44269 Dortmund, Deutschland M +49 172 4542646 F +49 231 9309331

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