IDEA detects wrong form of object constructor -- my project with the needed class files and example source

Yesterday, was working on my program when it appeared that the grad student teacher gave us the wrong class file to use. First, note that there is an "abstract AbstractDoubleList" class, which my class extends: "class test extends AbstractDoubleList". Class Node is defined inside class AbstractDoubleList. And that's how it's all set up. Again, it's all in the

Now, down to the bug. IDEA has its little decompile stuff in order to get function names and their parameters.. well, it's getting the Node constructor impropperly. The Node constructor is set up as Node(int, Node, Node) -- a piece of a linked list. However, IDEA sees it as Node(AbstractDoubleList, int, Node, Node) -- incorrect.

Of note, it works in the code with this 4 parameter constructor -- I'll pass it "this" for the first parameter, as that's all I can do, compile, and get the error: "Cannot resolve symbol constructor Node(test,int,,]]>). The syntax will seem completely correct inside IDEA, no underlines.

Also, if I do it propperly, just putting the line "Node myNode = new Node(1,null,null)", it'll underline it with an error. However, when I go to compile the project, it'll compile as expected. No compiler errors, though IDEA points out an error

I was using this with build 681, but I upgraded to 688 (the latest at the time of writing), including deleting all config files, the jre, etc... as saving at least the config files always seems to get IDEA complaining about an error that requires a restart to correct.

Any info on it's appreciated; hope you can all get it working :) Again, all the offending classes are inside the zip file at the top of this document. If you need more info.... perhaps I'll be reading the forum about this at another time, or if you're IDEA staff, perhaps my e-mail is in the profile somewhere.. :) Also if needed I can get you the version of the java sdk the classes were compiled on (and it was done on SunOS 5.8)


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