Can the JavaScript debugger be triggered on page loads like the PHP debugger?

I've been reading the documetnation, but I'm really confused on the best approach to debugging JavaScript.

With PHP, I have the XDebug Chrome extension to enable debugging in a tab. Then when I load a page in that tab, if there are breakpoints in my PHP code the debugger will be triggered.

Is there a way to make this happen with JavaScript code? The documentation seems to suggest you have to create a separate "run configuration" for each JavaScript file to be debugged, which is not only a huge pain but also simply won't work since I need for breakpoints to be triggered when testing a page on my site.


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Yes, you need a debug configuration to debug javascript. the simplest way to start debugging is right-clicking your .html file and choosing Debug - the debug configuration will be created automatically, your page will be loaded in browser and breakpoints triggered. See for some hints


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