bzr/darcs and other "new" version control systems

How many people here are using any of the 'new' breed of version control systems like bzr or darcs?

I just started playing with bzr and am really liking it so far. I just miss my IDEA integration :(

What I was just thinking of was a simple VCS plugin which simply gets a command line specified for each type of operation, i.e.

add: /usr/bin/bzr add $1
rename: /usr/bin/bzr mv $1 $2

yadda yadda yadda.

It wouldn't be a pure-java integration, but it'd be flexible enough to handle most operations right?


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I would be really wishing to participate in Darcs integration to study Haskell/Java interoperability (if it is really possible). I really miss functional languages these days...

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I'm highly interested in bzr integration. Because bzr does not run with jython (yet), one would interface it with the commandline, although bzr has no sopport for xml or structured output.

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+I really miss functional languages these days...

Well you'll undoubtedly be happy to learn that Java is getting closures!!!

(Flees room, ducking thrown bricks.)

--Dave Griffith


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