Configuring tlb via external resource

I tried to configure the following tlb as an external resource:

<%@taglib uri='application' prefix='mucc'%>

I set the external resource uri to "application" and the location to the local tlb-file. Anyhow IDEA says "cannot resolve tag library". Any clues?

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Have you read the corresponding help topic? Have you enabled Web Application

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I wouldn't risk sending a mail without reading the
corresponding help topic ;)

Web Application support is enabled. The taglib location is also defined in the web.xml. I also tried to change the uri in the jsp using

- file://c:/tmp/muccTagLib.tld
- c:/tmp/muccTagLib.tld
- c:\tmp\muccTagLib.tld
- \tmp\muccTagLib.tld

The behaviour keeps the same: can't resolve tag library


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