LESS compiled with CodeKit, CSS not uploaded

I'm using CodeKit to compile LESS files in my project. I have my deployment settings set to automatically upload changed files. Unfortunately when I save my LESS file, only the LESS file is uploaded, the compiled CSS file is not. If I leave PhpStorm to go to another app, then return to PhpStorm, it will then upload the compiled CSS file. I think this may be happening because the upload occurs before the LESS is compiled into the CSS file. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but more a limitation to using a separate app to compile LESS, but is there any way to work around this? Is there any way to have PhpStorm "listen" for external changes?


I would also be keen to know the solution to this problem.


When using external programs to compile your files, you need to manually synchronize PHPStorm internal file system with external changes to let PHPStorm know about changes made to generated file - so no auto-uploading will happen until you hit File/Synchronize or move focus from PHPStorm and back. I'd suggest using file watchers to compile LESS - when set up properly, they synchronize the file system when compilation is completed


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