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I have a frequent problem with many of my interfaces not showing the 'Is Implemented by' link. Some show up properly, but some don't. They are all in the same module and many are in the same package.

I have tried deleting my cache, cleaning out and rebuilding my project, and even uninstalling and reinstalling idea to no avail. ( I also deleted the .IntellijIdea directory under 'Documents and Settings'. and the IDEA directory under 'Program Files' )

I used to see this every once in a while, but it has gotten progressively worse. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know a solution? I've done everything I can think of to do without making any progress.

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do you have code collapsing active? there's some funny effects sometimes when parts of the code are collapsed..

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I do have folding on, but only for header comments and inner classes.

I think I found the problem ( which seems to always happen 5 minutes after you post a question ).

I think my config directory got screwed up a bit. When I reinstalled IDEA I just copied and pasted the config directory instead of doing an import. After all, I had unistalled IDEA and I technically didn't have another version to import from.

I got rid of the config directory and let IDEA rebuild it. And now I can see links for interfaces that weren't working before. I don't see how the config could affect this but getting rid of the cache didn't work and this seems to have done the trick.


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