spy-js proxy and SSL

i use spy without read document . now I begin to understand how to configure / use it .
The documentation explain the limitation and  proxy ( system/ local ).

there is proxy server that act like a server/client and proxy client like Browser .
Questions :

1) SSL is not available by spy-js but charles proxy support SSL and certificate .
Does it mean it can work today with spy-js ?

2) there is 2 kind proxy ( local and server ) .
Charles proxy ( implemented in java )support 4 proxy ? Windows Proxy , firefox proxy ( firefox plug) , socks proxy , http over socks !
Is there a relation beetween term use in spy-js doc and term use in charles GUI ? .

3) mapping
in spy-js documention we need mapping , the mapping could be achieve in fiddler/charles  , in spy-js config file .
If we use a external proxy ( fiddler / charels) , can we omit the mapping if the mapping in done in spy-js config ?

4) is there a image (=10000... words) that resume/show filter chain ?


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Does Browser have to take care of mapping port ?
I think :
5 phpstorm proxy do the map between browser and 2d proxy
--5 a phpstrom proxy ( internal server ?)  or spy-js proxy ( nodejs ?) ?  i don't know howto name ...
--5 b this proxy host one file ( the spy-js sccript) so it is a also a server  ?
6 the proxy fiddle/charles do the 2d mapping beetween phpstorm server and remote server ( port:83)
7 the spy-js script runnning in browser
--7 a  a send information directly to spy-js server and phpstrom  take information from it own server ? ( AJAX ? )
8 why nodejs is use with  spy-js for externam internet website ?
--8 a does itreplace the default internal phpstrom server  ?
--8 b Does the phpstorm inplace project directory define the inplace server root directory ?
9 Does spy-js can be launch whatever project we open in phpstorm ?
If i affirm wrongs  things thank to correct me .

I really need to know if charles with it own SSL / socket implemention can be use with spy-js !!
link to a charles / spy-js tutorial ll be nice !


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Well, AFAIK, Charles proxy works in the same way as SpyJS - it registers  itself as a system proxy and then uses its logic... So they can't  co-exist

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All ( my questions ) informations about spy-js could be find in the documentation from github or jetbrain website !! ( really great) ... It take time to understand things ( certificate  ,regex ,server proxy  ,fiddler , pac   ,browser proxy  ) ...
Does some others proxy can do that ?

  • polippo proxy : proxy ( http ipv4/6 sock4a/5  )  http  ( 1.1/1.1 transparent   http/https )    FAQ  
  • mitmproxy   : proxy ( http tcp sock )   http  (intercept/Record )   tcp (sock reverse  transparent )      FAQ



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