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Have been using PhpStorm only a short amount of time. Most of the documentation I see is related to setup for developing a single module.

I'm working on a client project that requires a custom module, and, a custom theme. I'm not sure of the best way to organize this. I'm coming from mostly a sublime text background where the project is just the entire site. But seems as though, this should be set up differently based on the drupal conventions available in PhpStorm.

When i look at the following page https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Drupal+Development+using+PhpStorm#DrupalDevelopmentusingPhpStorm-EnablingDrupalIntegrationinanExistingPhpStormProject it seems to assume i'm working on a single module.

what if i have the following senario and as part of this project, i need to develop 1 module and 1 theme (typical client site buidling project)


Wondering how should i set this up in PhpStorm to get the best drupal support.

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You should be able to just open the entire site in PhpStorm and then enable Drupal support from the settings. This will provide the same features as explained in the tutorial.


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