How can I change the font color of the value in Debug Watches Window

I cannot find in my Settings > Colors & Fonts where the setting for this is.
Right now the values of my variables in the debugger windows (Variables and watches) are unreadable, they are a dark blue on a dark background. Where can I change this?

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Hi there,

Screenshot please -- to clarify what exactly needs to be changed.

What GUI theme as well as Editor color scheme you are using?

In any case: colors for values should use the same values as in editor, e.g. for strings it should be "Language Defaults | String"

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To continue this venerable thread, here is a screenshot from the Variables panel of the Debug "tool window". Note the key "colId".  One can't tell the difference between upper case i (eye) and lower-case l (ell).  (Nor in this web page's font for that matter.)

Fortunately the font my editor window uses, Source Code Pro, makes this difference clear.

How can I set the Debug-Variables panel font to Source Code Pro?

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I've discovered the below setting has a wide-ranging effect (maybe too wide-ranging), including the Debug Variables pane.  So, that solves my problem.

By the way, I love WebStorm etc, warts and all :). Thank you.


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