How to add a local typescript definition file ?


I'm brand new to Webstorm and so far it looks great. I succeeded to add external javscript libraries but I did not found how to add a trypescipt definition which is located in my computer and not in the remote list Webstorm got. Is there a way to do that ? I need to start a project using the frameworks and I want to use thei official typescript definition in order to have a better code completion - unfortunatly Webstrom does not proposed to download a Phaser typescript definition so I thought it would be possible to use te one provided by Phaser.

Thank you

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Hi there,

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries -- create library manually and point to the folder where such files are located (or to individual files, if there are other stuff in a folder which you do not want to include as part of the library) -- should help.


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