help me!why idea always autosave when me closing the code label

who used jbuilder and eclipse know that when i closing the code label while give me a alert if i modify the file.But when i used IntelliJ i found that idea will auto save my modify but no alert.i think that the idea must give me some alert if i modify the content incaution .
so i want to know how to repair this program.
i think that this bug makes me believe idea is not smart!

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This isn't a bug, it's how IDEA works. IDEA allows itself to save your changes at any time, for any reason. This means you never need to hit save. Since many of IDEAs refactoring tools may modify files that you haven't even opened, this makes sense, and saves a lot of time over other possibilities.

"But what if I make some changes that I didn't want! How do I roll them back?". Instead of not saving the changes, in IDEA you to roll back your changes explicitly, using it's "Local History" functionality. "Local History" acts as a purely local version control system, embedded in your IDE. You can see all of the changes you've made on any file, get diffs between various versions, tag versions, and roll back or roll forward any changes you've made. It rules mightily.

This all takes a bit of getting used to, particularly the not having to ever hit "Save" part, but once you do you'll love it.

--Dave Griffith

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Thank u very much,I will try it now


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