WebStorm 9.0.1 - evaluating an object with number properties

I recently installed WebStorm 9.0.1 and came accross a strange behaviour in debug.
When dynamically adding number properties to an object, they are not shown within the object in "Variables" section or when added to watch.
Only by explicitly evaluating the property, its value is shown.

For example:

var a = {};
var b = 123;
a[b] = 'test';

To rule out that this is related to NodeJS / V8 I ran the same test with node debugger and in Chrome and the number property was shown properly.
Note that it doesn't matter if the number property is stringified before being added to the object as it happens anyway.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something fundamental here?


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UPDATE: When installing a fresh new version of WebStorm 9.0.1 this behaviour doesn't seem to reproduce.
I upgraded from version 5.0.4
Hopefully someone will look into it, or will find this helpful.


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