Why isnt the License VALID?

Im trying to use this new EAP license 7g6xfJ1BZWyv>hTqwKLzZ

Im trying on an older build than the one displayed for download... is this ok, doesnt seem to be working... I get an invalid License message????


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I'm using that same key on the newest build and it's invalid for that too. So it's not your build, it's the license key.

Actually, I believe my license key is supposed to be valid for 3.0 also (that's what our admin says, anyway). This is the third time this has happened and really causes some disruptions.

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I am guessing since IDEA isn't in EAP anymore, the EAP Licenses aren't going to work. You will probably need to purchase one now. My purchased license works fine on any EAP version.



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