Find - Toolbar displays matches at the end of the toolbar

When I am looking for a string in a particular document (CTRL+F) - The Find toolbar presents itself at the top of the document. But the matches count is at the end of the line and is often cut off if I have multiple tab groups open.

Is there a way to change this, to bring it more towards the Find Input Box as the match count is the second most important factor to me in a search.  

I know in the Settings  there are settings for toolbars - but the FIND toolbar does not appear to be listed or configurable from there.  

find - toolbar - WHERE I WOULD LIKE IT.JPG
find - toolbar.JPG
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Hi there,

AFAIK it's not possible to rearrange items on find toolbar.

My only suggestion for now (except filing a feature request ticket to the Issue Tracker ) would be to convert quick on-page search to a "proper" search results (6th icon on find toolbar)


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