How to make WebStorm keyboard shortcuts like Resharper

When I installed Resharper for Visual Studio, I chose the "IntelliJ" option for the keyboard shortcut mappings.  After installing WebStorm, I was surprised to find out the keyboard shortcuts are completely different.

How can I make both Resharper and WebStorm use the exact same shortcuts?  I've been using Resharper longer, so I'd prefer to bring WebStorm into line with those.



Hi there,

By making your own Resharper-compatible keymap (Settings | Keymap) -- there is no bundled one.


That really sucks.  It's pretty dumb that JetBrains releases all these products with completely different keymaps and no way to sync them all.  It's a good example of bad design.


1) Resharper is a completely different product (with it's own development history) made by different people. It is made as an addon to Visual Studio and has to maintain certain logic in what shortcuts it can use (already in use by the actual IDE).

WebStorm and all other IDEA based products are separate full featured IDEs -- they do not have such restrictions so they use whole range of possible shortcuts.

2) As you can see from aforementioned ticket, it only has 8 votes -- apparently not so many people considering this to be critical issue for them.

But I agree -- it feels a bit odd that IDEA IDEs (at least Windows builds) do not have Resharper keymap -- it would be very handy for those who transition from VS to IntelliJ (or another JB IDE) or have to use both of them from time to time.


When installing Resharper, there's an option to select what keymap you want.  I choose IntelliJ IDEA keymap (which trumps all the existing IDE keymaps as far as I know) because I thought it would be the easiest for the other JetBrains IDEs to mimic.  It seemed like a no-brainer that each of their IDEs would offer this same keymap.

The reason there aren't many votes for the aformentioned ticket is because Visual Studio users are just starting to use tools like WebStorm.  Bad design decisions like this one will continue to make it difficult for VS users to want to use tools like WebStorm.  It's a barrier to entry.


I would love to see this in the box. It's quite common for people to use VS and WS at the same time. 


I also want to see a option to have the same keymap for visual studio/resharper and webstorm. I have a background as .net developer for last years, and are used to use resharper keymaps. It would be very very nice to have the possibility to have the same  shortcut keymaps as more and more users are starting to use webstorm for front end development and visual studio for back end development.


This would not only rock, but it would really help adoption for people whose main work is using R#.  There is friction in learning keyboard shortcuts for WebStorm, and there is friction again when changing context back to R#.  I believe this would really help adoption.


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