Create WS plugins using javascript

Creating plugins with Javascript has been enormously popular in Brackets/Atom this year.

I think it would really open up plugin development in WS if it was possible to also create plugin using javascript,  

I know that its not straight forward but there is already a plugin (ScriptMonkey) that sort of allows you to do this now, but if this feature was built into WS with WS exposing an API it would be so much more powerful and make plugin development a realistic propsect.

Another feature which would be interesting/useful would to be able to open a web page in a tool window.

The sort of thing I have in mind is the ability to create your own local web app that can be launched in the tool window, like for example I might create one that would enable searching MDN from within WebStorm.
The Java built in web view control is fine I think but I realise that currently WS is on an older version of the JRE so that probabaly won't work.


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