firefox plug in location /download ?

The jetbrains plug in for brower can be find  for Chrome at
The documentation have a link to main website not to specific page !! but i don't find it for firefox ( xpi ? )
I find but in jetbrain repository not in mozilla  repository .
enter phpstorm  in search area in mozilla website but return me

a) Could you give me the url for jetbrain mozilla xpi ?
b) Does the plug in has a new name ?
c) in which context ( local remote link file) debug javascript work ?
....1) html static  php CMS
....2) javascript , inside 1) , link to external javascript

Link\file Html php CMS(*)

d) for CMS  like joomla .Does phpstorm support <?php echo $this->template ?>.  find in

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template ?>/js/script.js"></script>


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a)<PHPStorm install directory>\plugins\JavaScriptDebugger\extensions\jb.xpi

c) it works for javascript embedded in HTML/PHP as well as for external javascript

d) what support do you have in mind? Resolving such links in editor? It doesn't. Actual values are only available in runtime, and PHPStorm expects a 'fixed' path there


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