Sharing keyboard shortcut across JB IDEs (AppCode, PHPStorm, PyCharm)

Hi there

I'm a user of AppCode, currently considering PHPStorm for our dev needs.

One big question is whether the same set of keyboard shortcut could be shared between various JetBrain IDEs (specifically AppCode, PHPStorm, and PyCharm).

I know we can manually set the shortcuts in the config for each IDE, any way to do it via some kind of keyboard shortcut file import?


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Hi there,

File | Export Settings...
File | Import Settings...

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Would I in any way mess up / corrupt the settings of the IDE that's importing the settings (i.e. PHPStorm, when exporting out of AppCode and into PHPStorm)?

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I do not know unfortunately.

But I'd say that it depends on what you have imported:

  • If keymap only then it's all safe: bindings for unknown actions will be safely ignored (works for plugins that are no longer installed .. and PHP (or another language) is just another plugin).
  • If those are some core settings.. then maybe.

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