How to see track trace


Maybe this a stupid question ...

I get a lot of crashes with build 670. How can see or generate the stack trace that other users report in this case.
The console at least doesn't show anything.
My system is Windows NT 4

Thank you


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They are written to the idea.log file, which is located in the log/ subdirectory of IDEAs system-directory. If you haven't changed it in idea.bat it is ~/.IntelliJIdea/system.

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Thanks for your reply. I have found this file already but there is no stack trace written in my case.
And if I think more about it: if my VM crashes how can a logger be able anyway to write this into the log because the logger has crashed too. IMO it must be a log where the VM itself writes this.
Probably the stack traces other users submit to the tracker forum are normal exceptions where IDEA can recover from.

Any more ideas in my case?



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