LiveStyle support for PhpStorm ?

i try to understand web track system use by phpstorm after a post that evaluate phpstorm after study the informations ( cosmetic feature bug) locating in this community web service .I do some test about key word like css compass and find live style .
I don't know if people go to youtrack.jetbrains website ( i never until today)  so : does the forum is the place to cover "emmet livestyle" discussion ? emmet  word is use but not use in livestyle ;  it is only a reference to the power of emmet  and because  live styles url ( share the same domain name than emmet  (!  I test a lot of tool/plugin to write/test css  code in the browser side that could be save in the server side : list of technique are a few :  "proxy" server Weinre , javascript , snippet , plug in browser, implemented by browser ( chrome workspace) . Thus browser could be use has an editor .Refer to this classificatin : Live Style  is a browser plugin for chrome  base on pyV8 .

After read documentation , it seem we can answer to some questions like   :
1) Does many browsers are supported ? ( Yes)
2) Does compass ll be  supported ? ( No )
3) Does debug tool ll be supported  ? ( seem No)

I don't know a tool that support all this item  but phpstrom can be a wrapper for those items even i really think editor implemented in browser  should be browser agnostic like jquery way or css fallback .I don't test Livestyle that ll become a pay plugin when  a stable release ll be available ( so if you are a web  designer download it and test  also bracket ) .

About livestyle implementation:  it seem it download the css file , then let user modify it locally and you have to upload the css file to update the css file locate in the server. If the server has new css file then livestyle update the file locally . I don't know how if  livestyle manage the version of css like a git server in this case ?

I ll appreciate feedback about why livestyle should supported by phpstorm ? . The 3) item ( debug) is for me the most important thing .

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If you like to discuss the certain feature with the developer responsible for implementing it, youtrack is the best place. Please feel free to add your comments to Other users interested in it will see your notes and comment on them.

BTW, you can try the CSS-X-Fire plugin ( - it connects  Firebug CSS editor with PHPStorm so that you can edit CSS directly in browser and have the PHPStorm editor updated accordingly


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