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I need to take a classic website and transform (develop) it to a mobile website.

I would like to get some feedback from those of you that have been using PhpStorm/WebStorm for developing mobile websites and what techniques and tips you may be willing to share on how you have gone about in transforming your website to a mobile website.

Thank you in advance for your tips.


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I can recommend you generally something like:

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Any editor ll help you write code easier and with less time mobile or desktop and phpstorm do that very well.

If you master css techniques then you can go to  preprocessor like compass and use css Framework ( FW like bootstrap..... ) and CMS  .
Your worflow can change if you use premade template mix with php (FW) and php CMS or jquery UI or  single web page concept with many ajax/rest (like  angular ) . In many cases you have to detect/study the template/FW/CMS and search for inline css that could create issue or understand how javascript / html5 data-* is use by the Template/FW/CMS. phpstorm support git, emmet , grunt , compass  , snipet ( phpstrom call it live template why not call it snippet ?) and it is very great for manage a project .If phpstorm support your FW/CMS name  it ll be better if you need to change php code related to css properties ( i think of symfony , drupal) .
Phpstorm editor is for edit css/scss code only and can be configure to update html/php  page in real time ( phpstrom call it "live edit" that work in a javascript debug mode only ) .Css debug fonctionnalities (code) is too limited and is base on chrome functionnalities ( phpstorm plugin for chrome  not firefox or others browsers).  When css issue occur , chrome with firefox debug is still the best debug tool to detect the issue . you can't open chrome debug tool if you use phpstorm debug tool plugin !!! Firefox and chrome has many plugin  specific for web designer that can help you .

Convert a desktop website to mobile website is only  a client side problem ( work on css/js/raster refer to different browser width ) .
You need to toggle menu ( show some tags , hidden some tags , or dynamic  reshape the menu ) , disable some script , redefine width of div to fit different creen size by using  css breakpoint or javascript breakpoint , redefine image size .

for mediaqueries , phpstorm don't return  information of active mediaqueries refer to the width of the chrome browser ( read some of my post ) .So phpstrom is not usefull in this case .

Better is  ask this question in a CSS forum .
Hope this ll help you.



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