SASS - New version - Cheat Sheet

Today I upgrade phpstrom form 7 to 8 and working with scss/sass the old cheat sheet shortcut stopped to work.

For example:
old version: tac = returned = text-align:center;
old version: db = returned = display:block;
old version tid- = returned = text-indent: -99999px;

new version: tac = returns = table-border-color-dark: ;
new version: db = returns = dominant-baseline: ;
new version tid- = returns = nothing

As I was looking this cheat sheet it says now that for text-align:center you should use ta:c but this returns ta: color: #000; buf if you "ctrl + z" and than press again tab, you get text-align:center;

Is this some kind of a bug and which ones, phpstorms or sass compiler?

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Please make sure to tick 'Enable fuzzy search among CSS abbreviations' checkbox in Settings/Emmet

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Great, It works.

Thank you very much.


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