Introducing BuildDesk - the only tool to make a product out of your IDEA project!

We would like to announce the opening of Early Access Program for new and
amazing tool for IntelliJ developers - BuildDesk.

BuildDesk is a tool designed to free Java developers from the most tedious
and boring tasks - creating and maintaining build scripts.

What it does:

  • It picks up your IntelliJ IDEA project.

  • Re-maps your development project structure into installation layout.

  • Offers selective obfuscation.

  • Creates installers for several platforms.

  • Generates standard Ant script to execute all those steps!

Now you can easily incorporate this script into your building process, be
it just a simple manual ant compile in command line or complex automatic
continuous integration server.

Try it, send us your feedback and save yourself days and weeks of coding
your ant scripts!


p.s. We've got a blessing from JetBrains to post it, so don't shame us for
this blatant ad :)

Dmitry Skavish

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