Is there any way to automatically reference *.d.ts files in WebStorm ?

When I was working in Visual Studio I used to create interface files *.d.ts files and then they would be immediately referenced and know to all of the *.ts files.  I don't know how this functionality was achieved but never in my files did I have to include references at the start of the *.ts files.

With WebStorm I have not any similar functionality for my user files although I understand I can go this for the external files that I bring in and add to the library.

Is there any means to have typescript automatically become aware of new interfaces or is the only solution to use something like grunt-ts ?

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No, you need to add the corresponding ///<reference path> comments to make d.ts files available to typescript compiler.
Note that you can use 'Generate reference path comment' intention for this (hit Alt+Enter on a reference to generate a comment)


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