Problem with linesepfix.jar plugin

I've installed and have tried to use the line separator fix plugin to
make IDEA use unixy line endings on my Windows machine. I wanted this so
that I could use cygwin cvs tools on the source tree normally managed
from IDEA. It doesn't seem to do anything.

I've installed the jar and I just did a fresh checkout from CVS. When I
open any of the CVS/Entries files in vim, it tells me they are dos
format files. I was expecting unix format files. If I do a cygwin "cvs
update -dP" on the tree, every file is in the way.

Has anybody else used this plugin or found some other way to make IDEA &
cygwin coexist in harmony? BTW- I don't want to change cygwin to use dos
line endings - this would break a bunch of other things on me.


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