Search across multiple projects?

I am new to PhpStorm and have really enjoyed it.  I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to search for the occurence of a string across multiple projects without opening each project and searching?

I tried using "Find in Path" and specifing the root directory that contains all of my projects but it still only shows results from the project I am in.


The referenced link above (Elena Pogorelova) does not relate to the title of this issue, which is about being able to search inside multiple projects.

One example: infrastructure as code is often separated into many parts (separate repos/projects) that can be reused across an organisation by multiple teams. Currently I work across 6 Git repos daily and often need to search across them (Intellij.)

At present I drop into grep or similar to search across these projects, but scanning through occurrences is much less convenient when you have to drop back into the IDE to continue editing.


Sadly you can't do that in IDE without opening all of the projects. IDE relies on it's own indexes for text search and these indexes are built only upon a project opening.


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