A little help on reformating code

Would need a little help on reformatting codes using PHPStorm.

was wondering how do I inline php tags in .tpl files for phpstorm. For example, I would like

<option value="value"<?php echo $value == 'value' ? ' selected="selected"' : ''; ?>><?php echo $value; ?></option>

Instead of  the following

<option value="asset"
<?php echo $type == 'asset' ? ' selected="selected"' : ''; ?>><?php echo $text_asset; ?></option>

when I use the phpstorm reformat code function
Another thing is that phpstorm adds a blank line after the <?php tag.


// More codes...

I would like the following instead

// more codes...

Any help would be great. Thank you :)


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1. What's your exact IDE version (Help | About)? Try EAP, I can not reproduce the first issue with the default settings there:http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/PhpStorm+Early+Access+Program .

2. Can not reproduce either - if EAP won't help, export your settings (File | Export settings) and provide the settings.jar file.

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I have attached the settings file in this reply.

With regards to the second issue, I managed to fixed that. It was the reformatting adding a blank line before my classes, so it ended up having a blank line after the <?php tag.

For the first issue, when attempting to reformat codes, it is still happening. Inline php codes get reformatted to the next line. couldn't stay inline.

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Add "option" tag to the: File | Settings (Preferences for Mac OS) | Editor | Code style | HTML | Other | Inline elements (http://i.imgur.com/qb1akVa.png)


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