VMOptions for huge php files

Hello everyone,

I work currently on a quite chaotic project with lots of php files containing 5000+ LOC. I reduced the inspections (very sad!) to an absolute minimum but still from time to time the files take ages for loading or working with.

I read that it's possible to use the 64bit EXE and change the VMOptions. I did this but I'm not sure what all those parameters exactly mean and where I really can improve my speed (except the obvious Xmx for RAM usage).

I'm using a laptop with:

Intel i7, 2,3 GHz


Win7 64bit

Here are my current PhpStorm64.exe.vmoptions:


I'd be happy if anyone could help me out with a nice solution... I found some things googling but most of them are for way slower machines.

Thanks alot!


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Generally, we don't recommend to increase XMX value. can you pelase try the EAP, we have great improvents in performance there: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/PhpStorm+Early+Access+Program .
If issue still remains, please create a support ticket with the sample code to reproduce: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/anonymous_requests/new

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Hi Liubov,

thanks for the hint. I'm on the EAP channel and the 8.0.1 update really helped me out - combined with Java64bit. But still - you offer the possibility to increase the memory and I just upgraded my laptop to 16GB RAM. So I'd like to use it. I disabled 50% of the inspector to work smooth. If I can tune the vmoptions to get more inspections, I really would like to do so :)

So, if anyone knows a good configuration I'd like to check it out.



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