Default settings for new users?

Is there a way to provide a set of default config files? We have a lot
of IDEA users and we disagree with many of the default configuration
settings. Right now we just have a long installation guide for IDEA
which involves running a script to pre-populate your config. We'd like
to be able to provide some config settings into the IDEA package itself,
like /usr/local/idea-4155/default-settings, which IDEA would copy into
the home folder on first run.

Is there any support for something like this? We are considering a
workaround of wrapping in a script which checks for existence of
~/.IntelliJIdea50/ and populates with defaults if not, but this is messy
and we wonder if there is an official way.

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As a contractor, I go to lots of different companies and one of the first things I do is install IntelliJ on the machine they give me. I have a USB key that has all my settings exported to in in jar form that I can simply import into IntelliJ with the "Import settings..." menu choice. The import isn't automatic but you only have to do it once, so it's not a big deal. It's certainly much better than running the script your talking about and it uses all built in functionality. I should mention that there's an "Export settings" menu choice as well that sits on the File menu. It lets you select exactly what you want to save (I do all of it).


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